Since the first rocket attack in Sderot, Eight years ago, tons of concrete are pouring into the city's streets and homes. Security rooms are built indoors, and various types of public bomb shelters outside. This is an early model, painted last year by volunteer students and now used as a make shift playground by Nave (10), and Shalom (9).


This kind of shelter is most commonly seen in Sderot's streets (this particular one is in front of Simi Zubib's door). Built in the last couple of years, these concrete structures double as bus stops and bomb shelters for pedestrians caught by a 'Red Alert'.


Sami (41, Jewish, from the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv), and Shehade (37, Bedouin Arab, from Arouar, a village in the Negev desert) are turning Sapir College's Film and Television Department into a huge shelter. In a few months, the whole building, next door to the Sderot's team production office, will be surrounded by a 20cm wide cement wall, a steel roof and bomb-proof windows.


The 'Media Shelter' as it's nicknamed by locals, has been seen on numerous television screens in Israel and world wide. Located in the center of town, steps away from Yafa's hair salon and Sason's grocery store, it is the news reporter's favorite spot for evening news reports.