Peace Now Rally, Erez Checkpoint, Gaza, 11/18

From Israel the only way to get to Gaza is to go through the Erez checkpoint. I had been there a few years ago. It has now become huge. The main building looks like an aiport hall. And actually, there is even a big sign on the building announcing « Terminal to Gaza ». The route to Gaza is quite different from boarding on a plane though : after « checking in », you go through numerous rooms, halls, caroussels. No signs, no human being, just cameras watching you.

The big gate

And then, at some point, you understand you are in Gaza-Palestine once you are in an outdoors path, where you feel you are still being watched by soldiers on miradors. I am telling all this just to say how happy I am that with the Gaza-Sderot vidéos, it is now going to be possible to discover what life is like both in Gaza and Sderot, beyond closed borders and checkpoints.

Serge Gordey - Executive Producer