Only few kilometers lie between Gaza and Sderot. Seemingly, they belong to two different worlds, but in fact, they have quite a lot in common. The citizens of both sides of the border are suffering daily without having a real say or control over their lives. Had Sderot been Haifa, Israel would, with no doubt, have acted differently, and had Gaza been Beirut, the whole world would have reacted differently.

What do these people, who live in such proximity to each other, really know about one another? What do we know about them? During long years of occupation and Intifada, the human and personal aspects of both sides have been overlooked. This series aims to show and tell daily stories, but through individual, human and personal points of view. 

For a period of two months - 5 days a week - we are going to experience the everyday life in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel); a way of life which is unavoidably directly influenced by the current political and military events. Even when there are threats of bombings or shells, the people living in those cities have to keep working, loving and dreaming, to keep living despite it all and under all circumstances. This is what we are interested in documenting. The videos will be produced day after day, they will be filmed by Israeli and Palestinian crews, whose work will be received, translated and presented on this website.

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Alex Szalat
Head of current affairs, geopolitics and social issues department