On this blog, we also want to tell you about the working process in a such webdocumentary.

You know that this project reports on life as experienced by men, women and children in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): their lives and their survival on a daily basis.

In order to document this will to live, short chronicles (2 minutes each) will be shot by both Israeli and Palestinian teams, day after day for two months. These short stories will follow six characters from Gaza and six from Sderot.  This way, we will have a new story of each character every week, and viewers will be able to follow them intimately for 10 weeks. 

The project involves an Israeli team - Alma Films/Trabelsi Productions in cooperation with The Sapir College in Sderot,  a Palestinian team - Ramattan Studios a French documentary production company - Bo Travail! and an interactive production company Upian.com, together with ARTE France and its web team.

Let's talk about the travel of one movie

Let's take an example. If a movie is shooted in Gaza or in Sderot the monday morning, this movie is edited by the director,  then they upload it on our ftp server (400 mega in Quicktime / H264). When the file is up, we received in Paris an email who is saying : a movie is ready on the ftp. We download it and then a race start : encoding in flv, uploading the movie on the back office and alert all the translators that a movie is ready to translate.

The translation work is done inside our back office (see screenshot) thanks to the Overstream Application.
Overstream is a company base in San Franciso. It allows people to subtitle their online movies.
When we have asked them to help us to integrate their tool in our backoffice thay immediately say YES.
Today I really want to thank Overstream for their great job and their enthousiasm.

Alexandre for the Gaza Sderot Team