My name is Khalil Mahmoud Al Muzayyen, I was born in Rafah refugee camp. I am one of the 1948 families who left their land in a village in the north of Palestine, called Al Qubaibeh.

"I got too fond of Cinema and films in a young age, to escape from the school for the sake of going to the English Rubbish near by the Egyptian borders, for collecting copper pieces and iron nails, selling them to gain the expense of the Cinema ticket, and tohal sandwich (a popular sandwich). Until a day had come which I would never forget, the day when my father immediately broke into the Cinema Hall, where a big noise happened. The show had been stopped. I escaped away from the place. Since that day, the strong desire and ambition to enter the world of cinema and filmmaking had overwhelmed. After my success in the High School, I had worked in Israel for many years, as a builder. Throughout my work, I was able to save some money to help me to travel to Russia for studying Cinema-logy, and directing films, in Civilization Academy, in Sanitputrusburg. After 5 years of studying, I have been graduated, then I came back to Gaza. Everything was really changed. I found all Cinema salons and halls are closed in Gaza Strip, and some of them were burnt. But I am still a passionate supporter of cinema and I still believe in it, as the most important mean to express our human issues."