When I walked into the editing room this morning, coming from my home in Tel Aviv, I asked Kobi, our editor: 'Did you watch Obama's winning speech?' The reply, coupled with a yawn, was: 'What Obama and what speech are you talking about? All we had this morning were rocket alarms…It started at seven and went on, and there were also mortar bombs, which come with no alarms". Kobi lives in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, near which is 'in the range'. A few months ago a Kibbutz member was killed by a direct hit—a Kassam landed on his front lawn.

People in Sderot's center this morning also seemed oblivious to the American drama. Sason's comment, standing next to a pile of newspapers at his grocery store, was: 'Yeah, Obama made history, but he's not good for us, for the Jews'. The paper's front page had Obama on the top and a headline on the bottom: Red Alert in Sderot: the Army attacked in Gaza'.


I ask Sason if people here are happy when the army attacks Gaza. He said 'It's happiness mixed with sadness. We are happy because they found a tunnel meant for smuggling weapons. We are sad because we know we are going to get it now. But at least it will be for a reason!" He interrupts our conversation to point at a military combat helicopter crossing the sky: 'It's an Apache, isn't it?' he says, masking his eyes from the sun.

Ayelet Bechar, Content Editor Sderot.