Nothing calls for new questions in Gaza, as we got used to everything; Rorer of aircraft, bombing, killing, and siege. Even my young son, who did not exceed the age of five, does not ask me about what is going around us anymore, or even about the most things he loved, and deprived of : To watch some children programs on television, after ascertaining that the continuing distortion of the channels, caused by Israeli aircraft flying over Gaza skies… The Child is no longer waiting the aircraft to leave our skies and give him a small space to watch his heroes clearly with no distortion, so he departs the hall looking for another distraction in another room leaving me with my critical text and a muddled TV , I changed the channels randomly but I saw nothing but bodies in colored coffins, mothers, fathers and children screaming and shattering, thousands of people in a solemn procession Funeral and thousands of others dancing and celebrating the victory of Obama.


Moments while watching these shoots which was sometimes distorted and sometimes sporadic that resembles a large clip art, I received an urgent message through the sms explains what I was watching "six Palestinian martyrs and dozens wounded due to the Israeli forces incursion in the central region of eastern Gaza Strip (Der Al-Balah) under fake pretenses" so as to turn the general scene of the killings in the Gaza strip to be "Fantasy ".