Last week we had a bombing car in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The first feeling was that the terror came back. It was a terrible thought to think of my family and friends working and living there.

I started to make phone calls to everybody to check if they are ok. Thanks god they were.

Soon later during the day, the media announced that the car bomb was a hit on Yaakov Alperon, the head of the biggest crime family in the center of Israel.

After many assassination attempts, that caused a lot of damage to innocents around, he is gone finally.

During the day, the rockets didn't stop to hit Sderot and the country area around and even Ashkelon, but all the TV channels and websites forgot about the rockets in the south and other distresses in the Israeli society.

The midnight news gave a spot of a few seconds to the war and 4 full minutes from 5 to the hit. This was continued day after and didn’t stopped even after Alperon's funeral and even more, when they decided to cover his family stories few days after on all news spots.

The question I have in my mind now is "What the hell is it going to be like from now on, that the revenge hits will come"?

One criminal took all the media all the way to his grave.

Avi Abramov,
Line Producer, Sderot