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sarah q from jerusalem, palestine , said 5629 days ago
hibaaaa goood luck w allah ywaf2eek
take care
mosab from gaza,dubai, said 5629 days ago

we all with u hiba and we all with my lovly city GAZA keep like this and i hope ur ok and ur family isa
i see in In your eyes A new generation from journalism in palestine and I hope that the Chair in this
god bless you Hiba god bless you GAZA
Mosab ur big bro :) AM IN UR service
romaissa from algeria, said 5649 days ago
gaza 'llbe free soon and evry bary know that
romaissa from algeria, said 5649 days ago
gaza 'llbe free soon and evry bary know that
Kwesi Yirenkyi Boateng from Accra, Ghana, said 5657 days ago
I believe there is a lot that needs to exposed several silent social ills. I believe there should be a day the silent stories of abuse, corruption and other unreported must be brought to light. And I believe by Gods' help and Journalist determination to institute reforms and social change for that matter our world would be a better place to live in.

I would be glad to always receive videos and information that would help me in my pursuit as a young investigative journalist in Ghana.
hanoona from gaza, said 5699 days ago
hi are so cute .keeb go with what do you do ..and we wait from you more and best wishes for buy
Hiba Safi from Gaza, said 5698 days ago
hizz ya hanoona .....thanks so much :D bye
saeed from gaza, said 5703 days ago
h.a. y
iam saeed abu sada , from gaza - traner in pfcd center
iam notgod in inglish but i try
your vedio is good go ahed and dont kear about peaple they dosnt stop speaking in god or bad , go ahed
ربنا يوفقك
Hiba Safi from Gaza, said 5701 days ago
Thanks saeed , i should have care about the people here , Cause i make the short movies about them , but i know what you mean ..thanks so much .
Hiba safi from GAZA, said 5704 days ago
Thanks amer ,,,it was an overview and quick ,cause i can't keep there for long time .....and there were people refused this idea
I take what i could from the youth for the transfer of their suffering.
amer732 from gaza, said 5704 days ago
kteeeeeeeeeeer nice el video mashalla 3leke ya hibosh very cute bs lw twlte el movie shwya w t3mqto bl fekra akter kan tl3 better bs brdo allah y3tyke ely 3fya .. w go a head :D..... keep on w enshalla t72ee2e ely b balk w mna ll a3la mna

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Heba at coffee shop

Heba, a young journalist, documents Palestinian youth distress under siege in her films, how they kill time and dream of emigrating from Gaza,
November 4th, 2008




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