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lmasnaoui from tanger maroc, said 5641 days ago
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ِAsmaa Shaker from Palestine, said 5696 days ago
Search the horizon, meditate the images, and when you are done with your meditation, just lie down and die…
I began to believe in what Maxim Georgey said in his novel … because I'm not going to think afar from searching for my finger that I lost in the dark when the electricity went off in Gaza.
And I can't care about negotiations, polices, and governments issues, truce or peace problems when all what I'm thinking of is how to find a way to prepare the lunch without a gas pipe!
The difference between we and you is that you have one issue only turning around it called: "Qssam's Rockets" which is manufactured with Primitive material and scare the hill out of you even before it strikes .
however we creates our life out of death, after destroying us with If16 rockets and tank shells, not to mention the crossings ,the siege, the borders, the diseases, and off course medicines.
You dedicate us death we breathe while we dedicate you fear you die with.
Gaza-Sderot Redaction aus France, gesagt vor 5698 tagen
Das Beobachterteam der Europäischen Union hat die Checkpoints an der Grenze zu Ägypten seit der Wahl der Hamas in Gaza verlassen. Nach einem Aufstand des Volkes, welches versucht hat die Grenze mit Ägypten durch Gewalt zu öffnen, wurden die Checkpoints von ägyptischer Seite aus abgeriegelt. Die Politik Kairos zielt darauf ab, den Palästinensern die Einreise zu verbieten. Das Resultat: Weder auf ägyptischer noch auf israelischer Seite ist es den Einwohnern Gazas gestattet, ihr Territorium zu verlassen.
Gaza-Sderot Redaction from Paris, said 5698 days ago
The European Union controllers who were posted at the passing points left after Hamas seized power in Gaza. Since then, and after a popular uprising breached the Egyptian "barrier", the border is closed by the Egyptian authorities. The Egyptian policy is to forbid anyone to go through, except for very limited cases. As a result, whether it be on the Israeli or Egyptian side, getting out of Gaza is virtually impossible for ordinary citizens.
Gaza-Sderot Redaction de paris, a dit il y a 5698 jours
L'équipe des observateurs de l'Union Européenne a quitté les points de passage avec l'Egypte depuis la prise de pouvoir du Hamas à Gaza. Puis, à la suite d'une révolte populaire cherchant à ouvrir de force la frontière avec l'Egypte, celle-ci est fermée par les autorités égyptiennes. La politique égyptienne consiste à interdire l'entrée sur son territoire, sauf exception.
Résultat: que ce soit du côté israélien ou égyptien, la sortie de Gaza pour des citoyens lambda est pratiquement impossible.
Callme Skeptikal from Argentina, said 5698 days ago
I have a question. From what I can see the main complaint is that because of the siege many palestinians cannot be easily treated in Israeli hospitals or because medical supplies cannot supposedly get in. That begs the questions:

a) Why do they throw rockets in the direction of the same people that they expect to be treated by? Isn't it weird? Would you as a doctor treat someone that tries to shoot you?

b) Why, instead of spending so much money on guns and rockets, don't they spend the money in building a better hospital in Gaza and in medical supplies?
Albert from Jerusalem, said 5698 days ago
Hi Callme. the only reasonable answer is that their leadership is deceiving them and they are like ships going after the shepherd. In this case, a terror shepherd. If someone there will actually will make a step and recognize the legitimization of Israeli State, their life will be easier.because from this point, both leaderships will promote a peace agreement. that is my opinion.
Lou de France, a dit il y a 5699 jours
In the past year we've barely heard about life under siege in Gaza. For two years now, we, the handful of Israeli journalists who seek to fulfill their journalistic mission, have been prohibited by Israeli orders from entering Gaza.

When I questioned Defense Minister Ehud Barak a few weeks ago he seemed unaware of the ban. He instructed an aide to look into it, but of course we never heard back. us. It's not all that surprising that Israel's defense minister hasn't heard about Israeli journalists being prevented from covering Gaza under orders from his own defense establishment: Gaza doesn't interest anyone in Israel.

Gideon Levy :

Au cours de la dernière année, nous avons à peine entendu parler de la vie sous le siège dans la bande de Gaza. Depuis deux ans maintenant, nous, la poignée de journalistes israéliens qui cherchons à remplir notre mission journalistique, avons été interdits par des ordres israéliens de pénétrer dans la bande de Gaza.

Lorsque j'ai interrogé le Ministre de la Défense, Ehud Barak, il y a quelques semaines, il ne semblait pas être au courant de l'interdiction. Il a donné l’ordre à un collaborateur de se pencher sur la question, mais bien sûr, nous n'en avons jamais entendu parler. Il n'est pas du tout surprenant que le ministre de la Défense israélien n'ait pas entendu parler de l’interdiction faite aux journalistes israéliens de couvrir Gaza conformément aux ordres de ses propres effectifs de la Défense : Gaza n'intéresse personne en Israël.
Albert from Jerusalem, said 5699 days ago
when she was i child and needed to the surgery, life was beautiful in gaza and there was no sieges.
so the kind doctor in film- please don't mix the history.
if she needed to do the surgery, be sure that the IDF didn't prevented it.
for all,
just to notify you that 15 years ago, up to Phatah's control in 1995, gaza was very blossoming city from economic aspect, cultural, medicine and more...
we know your life aren't pink now but don't exaggerate with the history.
you had a democratic elections in gaza and you people elected the HAMAS- a terror party.
and now it's a simple math= WHO CHOOSE TERROR HAS TO PAY
Juri Piotr de Paris, a dit il y a 5699 jours
Vous abordez le problème du bouclage de Gaza uniquement du côté de la frontière avec Israël.
Mais qu'en est-il du côté de la frontière avec l'Egypte?
Il me semble qu'il y a une frontière importante avec l'Egypte. Que se passe-t'il de ce côté pour les urgences médicales et les urgences humanitaire?
Avez-vous des informations?
Moulette de Paris, a dit il y a 5699 jours
Excellente question ! J'ai posé la même question hier lors d'un diner. On m'a dit que les israeliens controlaient aussi le check point egyptien. Est-ce vrai ? On m'a également dit que les egyptiens ne souhaitaient pas vraiment laisser passer des palestiniens.

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Heba at the clinic

Heba is going to have her toosils taken out. At the clinic, she talks about people who have suffered or even died because of the closure.
November 10th, 2008




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