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Sasha from Russia, said 5577 days ago
That's a great project, we're all for peace .
Frederick from Hong Kong, said 5636 days ago
For sure you will have a more stable and peaceful living once the turmoil is over.

You have to be patient and have faith with your government.
andrea griffith from ponte vedra,florida, said 5639 days ago
bravo! thank you for showing the people as they are I hope for Peace!
Mazen from Lebanon, said 5650 days ago
Here is a video of a little girl, talk about the siege on Gaza, what israelis call "peace or ceasefire"!

haim from sderot, said 5644 days ago
salam with the population without hamas "no more hamas no more bloodshed"
cfs from France and Algeria, said 5656 days ago
Thx, peace for this two people.

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Dreams and future intentions for everyone.
December 23rd, 2008




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Meanwhile in Gaza

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