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Pierre from Suisse, said 5700 days ago
Three comments at first sight.
The humanity of the people interviewed. After watching the news on TV, one might forget that the life lived in this region is made of stories of the every day life : "They are like us". And that's what make these people so human, although they go through tensions that seems hard to understand unless you've been there.

The quality of the concept and the interviews. Just one word : excellent.

The originality on the website. One of the best I've ever seen : nice design, easy to use, excellent links between the pages, themes and concept.
Miryam from Istanbul,Turquie, said 5712 days ago
Impossible not to be filled with admiration for the courage of Yafa, to continue her everyday life, prefering to laugh instead of crying, in these terrible conditions, it seems as if she consolates herself even with her courage to be able to endure this life, as it is not danger of life but just a challange of life that, one has no other chance to accept.
One cannot help herself to think that, finally, it has much similarities with the other side, Gaza, and mostly, I think that
the best of this project is to bring us these people concretely so real and close to us, because we human being, more some suffering people are out of our view, the less we are inclined to think realistically for them.
Feelings of "Long lasting wars loose all their sense, even if suposing they had any at the beginning", "enough this suffering of both side", "Sure there must be a solution" overwhelm.
Thank you once again for the Gaza-Sderot teams and all producing companies cited.

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Yafa and the Kassams

Women flock to Yafa's hair salon to enjoy her touch but also her company. Over a cup of coffee, they talk about hair colors and clothes, but also about survival in the world of 'Red Alarm'
October 28th, 2008




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Meanwhile in Gaza

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