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israeli-european-jewish from Tel-Aviv,Israel, said 5552 days ago
As you can see:HINA on both sides,arabic music on both sides,
too much god on both sides,I can not see how things will be better soon,my family lost one person as well,I am afraid the conflict is not for a peace of land but on somthing much deeper,as religion and calture,can you see israeli girls with bikini on gaza beach?are the moslems religios leaders agree with that?do they want western mentality into their lines?yes,israel is one big thing to swallow at that region and it might take so much time to adjust for it that we all might disappear before it happands...if you ask me,the solution goes throu secularity on both sides and as it seems now it`s not about to take place soon.
I wish to be wrong!!
Thanks for this project,it`s great opputunity for me to see the daily life at gaza,those kind of pictures are very rare for me.
dddddddZacharia McCarthyddddcddddzz from US, said 5556 days ago
What is the meaning of "peace"?

What is the meaning of "occupation"?

What is the meaning of "resistance"?

If peace means the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state, then how can this conflict ever be settled, unless Israel is wiped off the map?

If occupation means Tel-Aviv, then how can this conflict ever be settled, unless Israel is wiped off the map?

If resistance means killing Jews indiscriminately, then what is the meaning of "terrorism"?

Since it's establishment as a state in 1948, Israel faced multiple wars to eliminate it, the latest 8 years of rocket launching into Sderot is just the latest campaign.

It's very touching to see this film, but I can't help feel some cynicism about Palestinians being peace-seekers, while in parallel launching nearly 10,000 rockets in the name of "resistance". Israel pulled all Jewish settlements from the Gaza strip, some of them going back 60 years, yet instead of focusing on building the local economy the focus is on launching terror across the border. Why?

tsachi from israel, said 5558 days ago
dear people of gaza, as an israeli mostly of what weve been showen on t.v is are the peaple that sufer in israel.

i realy realy feel sorry for you, and the reality that you live in. i know i talk on behelf of most peaple in israel.

all we want is to live like normal 2 countries side by side.
i wish someday our leaders will have the courege to do one big step each and some day we all could live in peace together.

aough with all the hate!

amazing project, keep on showing the normal peaple from the 2 sides and not the fanatics from israel and gaza, only normal peaple that just want to live in peace.
Jeanna from Athens, U.S., said 5622 days ago
This is a fantastic project. It reveals the hardships of citizens trapped in the ongoing conflict. Thank you for telling the story.
Luca from Italia, said 5631 days ago
Gaza is only a big prison and I think that if israelian and palestinian would the peace, they shoul use the brain and not fanatism or war. 20 day of massacre and the problems aren't disappeared. There's only most hate, blood, distruction and hungry in that country It's need to be human and take a chance to live togheter: two nation in one State is a solution, stop the hate, use the head!
berreby from france, said 5632 days ago
freres palestiniens
arretez de vous victimiser, tout le monde a eu ses difficutes peut etre devez-vous vous poser des questions sur vos dirigeants et les dirigeants d'autres pays qui vous preferent dans cette situation deplorable pour ne pas avoir a repondre de leurs vies plus que confortables et pointer du doigt un " ennemi" c'est tellement plus simple je ne doute pas de votre sincérité mais rèflèchissez meme si pensez que vous avez raison ne demandez pas des choses irrealisables pour israel qui ne pense qu'a se defendre de la cruauté de certains de vos chefs qui se fouttent completement de vos vies et celles des autres
Cherie from Ramla, said 5635 days ago
We want peace too so stop sending rockets into Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hay from m'ka, said 5636 days ago
why they did this they want just to live in peace
hay from m'ka, said 5636 days ago
why they did this they want just to live in peace
Frederick from Hong Kong, said 5636 days ago
Its not the citizen's fault, its the fault of their leader.

I would guarantee Isreal could stop bombing if the Hamas stop sending "rockets" to the Isrealist.

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Abu Khalil, Heba, Khalaf, Madeha et Sefian s\'expriment pour le dernier épisode de Gaza -Sderot.
23 décembre 2008




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